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Leave the limitations of legacy systems behind and move faster with Acounta. Unlike accounting practice management systems with disparate applications and manual processes, Acounta brings world class accounting practice management applications into one powerful system. And with an intelligent platform that seamlessly connects your teams and customers, you have visibility to make fast decisions with confidence. We designed a flexible platform that helps you meet the demands of your customers. Tools that allow your practice to be agile like client & user management, workflow management, digital signatures, document management, invoicing and much more. All this in a secure environment with multi factor authentication. Grow your business with Acounta today.


We help you solve all your business challenges so there is no chance of failure

Automation to eliminate manual work.

We deliver intelligent automation to help eliminate manual entry and to streamline your entire workflow. This saves your firm countless hours and increases client satisfaction.

Flexibility to meet your customer needs.

Flexible workflows to meet the demands of your practice and your customer needs. Our product allows customization so we fit into your current workflow.

Easy to use.

Intuitive platform for your customers to easily send documents, communicate and have real time automated updates on progress of projects.

Streamline communication so that you never miss a beat.

Weather your client prefers to email, text or call, all communication is tracked on one dashboard to keep you organized.

Anytime & Anywhere.

Access critical client documents from your mobile phone or on the cloud and provide real time updates to your customers.

One place to access all critical day to day tasks.

Everything you need to run your accounting practice in one place. Client management. Workflow. Payments. Time & Billing. And so much more.

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What our Customers are Saying

My customers use to call me, email me and text me, especially when it came to deadlines. Customers love that they have full visibility through our portal and know where we are every step of the way.


Office Manager

We would access multiple applications and spreadsheets just to finish one project. We love having clear visibility on our teams and projects all in one place. Deadlines meant 80+ hours a week with tedious processes, but we have saved so much time with efficient workflows.



Phone calls, emails and texts were so hard to keep organized for one client. We love that we have single dashboard that tracks all client communication both inbound and outbound. It's game changing.



An entire platform so your team can work to their full potential.

Customer Relationship Management

Client folder puts everything at your fingertips. All prior documents, communications and tasks related to every project.

Client Portal

Our tracker keeps your clients updated on your progress. Clients can access all prior taxes, notices, invoices, and documents for signatures in a visually appealing and customizable portal.

Customizable Look

Our platform is one of the most customizable software anywhere. We want your customers to feel at home and be aware of your branding. All this in a click and customize format that's so easy.


Imagine having all communications from your entire team with a given client at your fingertips. Actually don't imagine, we have it!

Single Platform

All of your client data and workflow processes in one easy to use system. Stay connected with your clients and your teams. Everything from communication to payment collection to data insights on your team. You no longer need to re-enter data in multiple systems.


Our platform can eliminate many different programs most firms are using resulting in saving on multiple subscriptions. Automation also decreases manual work saving you countless hours, improving customer experience and helping your bottom line.

The most common questions about Acounta ®

Frequently Asked Questions

Acounta is for CPAs & EAs. Its a one stop solution for all of your practice management needs. Everything from document collection, document management, client communications, client portal, signature collection, task management, project management and much more. Everything is integrated together and eliminates need for duplicated data entry and tedious tasks making your team efficient and happier.

Whether you’re configuring Acounta to reach your goals or have questions about getting setup, your success is our top priority. Your designated customer success manager will get to know your business and will recommend how you can get the most out of your investment. We will help you get comfortable using Acounta and once you are up and running we will connect you to a team of resources that will help you with any questions as they arise. Acounta is your life long partner that champion's your success from day one and supports you every step of the way.

You can get setup with Acounta within minutes. Our promise to our customers is to make this an easy and seamless experience. You can import all your customers within seconds. Customizing your account to your company's branding and getting your team setup should only take a few minutes.

We help you onboard and get up and running with our software at no added cost. Our solution is designed to be completely customizable and we help you set up your work enviornment and your client portal. And with our settings controls, you can easily modify anything with just a few clicks.

Acounta helps collect all documents, tags them correctly (automatically) and organizes them in the right order to start tax preparation (also automated). Acounta does not have tax preparation software, but handles everything else from beginning to end, including collecting signatures and invoicing after you are done with the taxes. It even manages all your communications and keeps your clients up to date and reduces phone calls and requests from clients.

Our software runs on a secure server and hosted on Amazon Web Services. Additionally, we offer multi-factor authentication for your team and your clients and give you the ability to control security at a granular level.

YES! All month to month plans can be cancelled anytime by contacting your account manager.

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